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Ashwoods are easy to work with and supply high performing products that can easily integrate with existing components.

With our extensive range of low cost electric motors Ashwoods covers the field of traction and propulsion applications. Ashwoods motors are permanent magnet and maintenance free allowing us to focus on markets that require high efficiency and maximum performance using new innovative technology and low cost solutions that are suitable for high to medium volumes.

Off-highway Sector

Ashwoods motors are used for traction and propulsion in the off-highway sector and have been designed to integrate into many systems, including market leading axle manufacturers. Our high efficiency electric motors have resulted in lighter vehicles with increased range, smaller battery packs and increased performance characteristics, saving costs when compared to traditional motor technology.


Our Interior Permanent Magnet Motors technology has been scaled and integrated with a small engine from a leading automotive manufacturer to supply a range extended electric vehicle to the automotive sector. Ashwoods have also developed a bespoke inverter that integrates into the motor, allowing a single coolant loop to provide the necessary cooling and dynamic control of the motor and engine.


Our motors are used in various marine applications to provide propulsion and traction in boats and amphibious vehicles. Ingress protection allows our motor to work in harsh environments safely and gives better performance than typical motor technology such an induction.

Pump Drives

With Ashwoods intellectual property it's simple to integrate our product into your application. Pump drives are a great way of showing this versatility. Our IPM motor is used to drive pumps in many applications for material handling and industrial markets.


Energy Regeneration

All of our motors are highly efficienct, making them perfect for energy regeneration. Many applications require regenerative braking and we have extensive experience in providing the best solution for you requirement. Energy regeneration is a vital tool to increasing a systems efficiency and can significantly lower costs and increase profit margins.

Material Handling

Our motors can save space and cost less than other leading manufactures making them ideal for material handling applications. Ashwoods have been replacing old motor technology to provide more efficient, lighter, more compact solutions that are more powerful, cost effective and durable.

Oil and Gas Mining and Drilling Industry (Hazardous Environment)

Ashwoods have worked closely with leading drilling and rig services and automation companies to provide a powerful electric motor that is certified to operate in extreme hazardous environments. Our motors are smaller, lighter and better performing than the typical systems and due to our innovative manufacturing techniques we can offer large volumes at low costs.

System Integration Made Easy

At Ashwoods we're acclaimed for supplying quality products into many demanding applications. We have extensive experience with integrating our designs into various systems worldwide. For more information contact us.

View the types of electric motors we make and review their performance specifications.