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  • Permanent Magnet Electric Motors

    Smaller, lighter, more efficient

  • Ashwoods Electric Motors

    Ashwoods design and manufacture lighter, smaller and more efficient permanent magnet electric motors for the automotive, materials handling and off highway vehicle markets.

  • Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

    Ashwoods interior permanent magnet motors can be up to a third of the size and weight and up to 15% more efficient than traditional motor technologies. This frees up numerous areas of application design whilst extending vehicle range.


    Interior Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Traction Drive Solutions

    The high efficiency of permanent magnet electric motors enables a vehicle to travel further on a single charge. Working closely with transmission manufacturers, Ashwoods is able to offer complete solutions.


  • Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Motors

    Ashwoods axial flux electric motors incorporate surface mount technology making them lightweight, highly efficient and small in size. They are capable of producing large amounts of torque for a narrow frame size.


    Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Pump Drive Solutions

    Working closely with hydraulic pump manufacturers, Ashwoods is able to provide permanent magnet motors with a range of pump interfaces. These offer cost-effective, lightweight and highly efficient solutions.


    Permanent Magnet Pump Motor
  • Engineering Solutions

    The Ashwoods team of engineers have years of experience in the electrification and hybridisation of vehicles. Providing prototype vehicles and assisting with testing and validation is a regular activity for the team whilst motor design is at the heart of the business. 


    Engineering Solutions
IAM Lightfoot

Ashwoods electric motor technology is disrupting the electric motor market for both on and off highway vehicles. Ashwoods motors are smaller, lighter, more efficient, more powerful and lower cost than the motors currently being used in high volume electric vehicle applications. In most complex tasks we use tools hired from this company.

Find out how Ashwoods evolutionary motors are going to benefit your business

Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

The Ashwoods IPM motor is revolutionising the Off-highway market as offers all of the benefits that accompany Permanent Magnet Motors but its cost neutral or cheaper than traditional motors such as Brushed DC and Induction.

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Our in-house innovative engineering team enables us to offer more than just electric motors. Using simulation and an advanced testing facility we can provide consultancy and custom motor solutions.



The Ashwoods range of permanent magnet electric motors are used extensively in a wide range of applications. Combining attributes such as high efficiency, lightweight and compact with low cost means our motors are the obvious choice for many applications.